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Driverless Futures Deliverables

Driverless Futures sponsors have access to the online deliverables specified in their sponsorship agreement. Sponsors of Driverless Futures Phase 1, which began November 2014, have access to all Phase 1 materials. Sponsors of Driverless Futures Phase 2, which began February 2016, have access to all Phase 2 materials and the Phase 1 Scenario Materials and Roadmaps.

Scenario Materials and Roadmaps

Discontinuity Reports

About Driverless Futures Deliverables

Driverless Futures deliverables include:

  • Scenario Narratives and the supplementary materials used in the creation of the scenarios. In particular, the Scenario Variables Table (Comparison of Scenario Variables) shows the forces the SBI team found to be critical in the assumptions about the world in 2030.
  • Roadmaps that illustrate key aspects of the scenarios, including business conditions, products, services, and technologies.
  • Discontinuity Reports which focus on potential developments that have exceptional influence over the future of driverless vehicles.

If you have questions about Driverless Futures, please contact us.