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Diagnostics: Product and Service Performance

What are the underlying consumer motivations driving your business? Does a powerful match exist between your product or service benefits and your customers' needs? How can you reach your best audience more effectively?

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Diagnostics Infographic

The following text appears within the Diagnostics Infographic:

  1. Clarify Goal: Describe project objectives.
  2. Collect Data: Use a proprietary survey, GfK MRI, the MacroMonitor, focus groups, or interviews.
  3. Chart Cultural Placement: Understand the big picture; see how your product is perceived in US culture.
  4. Select the Audience Target: Consider alternative audiences and select audiences that sync with the project objective.
  5. Create Rich Profiles: Integrate psychology, demographics, and lifestyles for a multidimensional understanding of the target that includes motivations.
  6. Determine Strategic Actions: Use insights to define the action steps to accomplish your goal.
  7. Develop Communications: Create targeted messages for your audience that cut through the clutter.
  8. Select Effective Media: Choose the media your audience uses.
  9. Measure Success: Track progress and adjust.