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What Do Clients of Explorer Receive?

Technology in Context

An insight into technology commercialization for use across your organization.

Explorer comprises a comprehensive suite of services to organizations that understand that tomorrow's business opportunities will come from their understanding the drivers of and barriers to commercialization of today's emerging technology applications and the implications of that commercialization for their future. Explorer's services combine to deliver regular reports on technology areas and opportunities to raise questions and discuss issues directly with our analysts.

Clients receive:

Please review our current technology list for areas of interest to you.

Technology Maps

Technology from a business perspective

A Technology Map for each Explorer technology area presents our current evaluation of why and how organizations will develop and commercialize the technology and where the opportunities lie for development and application of the technology. All Technology Maps follow a common structure to take the reader from technology developments through the issues and uncertainties of commercialization to the implications of change and opportunities arising in specific applications—enabling easy understanding of like sections across every Explorer technology area.

Key sections of Technology Maps:

  • Importance of the Technology
  • The Technology in Brief
  • Commercial Development Parameters
  • Areas to Monitor
  • Implications of Commercialization
  • Opportunities


Updates, analysis, and implications

Monthly Viewpoints examine and track developments that have significance to the commercialization of each Explorer area's technology. Viewpoints evaluate changes in areas such as technology developments, user demands, application areas, regulations, and the business environment.


Insight through access to analysts

The inclusive Inquiry Service makes available Explorer's analysts to provide confidential answers to questions and give expert opinions.

Internet Access

Electronic access throughout your organization

Explorer delivers its service as hard (paper) copy and via the Internet. Internet access is through your customized, password-protected Web page, which allows users to leverage Explorer across their organization. Access is available to Technology Maps and previous years' monthly Viewpoints and allows searching across all technology areas.