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Technology List

Explorer is a dynamic service. We add and remove technologies to reflect their changing importance and impact on the research and business environments. In our monthly Viewpoints, we tell our clients about developments that we think are commercially significant. We update the Technology Maps to reflect change.

Currently Monitored Technologies

Discontinued Technologies

Explorer adds and removes technology areas according to both clients' interest and the commercial status of technologies. Discontinued technologies are areas that the Explorer service once covered but whose importance and impact on the business environment have changed such that they no longer lend themselves to Explorer coverage as stand-alone topics. Explorer analysts continue to watch these subjects to identify any new opportunities or technology developments that might arise, and they report any such developments in other related Explorer technology areas.

Explorer offers 30-day Web access to the publications archives of these technologies. If you would like access to these documents, please contact us to discuss pricing and details.

Discontinued Technology Area Date of Last Publication
3D Printing August 2023
Advanced Silicon Microelectronics/ULSI June 2009
Biocatalysis August 2023
Biosensors July 2022
Collaboration Tools September 2020
Connected Homes August 2023
Diamond Thin Films December 2003
Engineering Polymers August 2023
Fiber-Optic Communications December 2003
Fiber-Optic Sensors May 2007
Fuel Cells August 2023
Genomics June 2009
High-Definition Imaging Systems November 2001
High-Performance Computing July 2002
Internet Commerce November 2006
Machine-Vision Systems November 2001
MEMS/Micromachining September 2019
Nanobiotechnology August 2023
Nanomaterials August 2023
Nanotechnology August 2004
Neural Networks October 2004
Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation December 2000
Optoelectronics/Photonics November 2015
Organic Electronics August 2023
Photovoltaics August 2023
Polymer-Matrix Composites August 2023
Portable Electronic Devices September 2020
Rapid Prototyping July 2002
Speech Interfaces October 2004
Storage Technologies October 2004
Structural Adhesives November 2004
Virtual Worlds July 2014
Web Services November 2006