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China VALS

China VALS segments Chinese citizens between the ages of 15 and 64 into one of nine consumer groups on the basis of primary motivations: Tradition, Achievement, and Self-Expression.

The sample frame consists of 62 areas that cover major geographic regions, different tier cities (one to four), and villages. China VALS projects to 516 million people. This figure is an estimate and does not include rural poor (people earning less than about $2.50 per day), floating migrants, and people living in dormitories.

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China VALS Framework

China's Consumer Groups

  • Accomplisheds seek strategic advantages to improve their position in society. They do not wish to call attention to themselves.
  • Pacesetters want to be recognized by peers and to be seen as having a role or social position; they may even want fame.
  • Preservers provide a counterbalance to the wave of ambition, the pursuit of money, and the desire for power in society.
  • Sustainers are loyal to a traditional way of life, even though in aspects of their daily life, they may look like other groups that are not traditional.
  • Traditional Achievers want to keep up with upwardly mobile Chinese but feel insecure about how and whether to do so.
  • Trendy Achievers have the greatest desire to be seen as successful and worthy of admiration.
  • Experiencers seek personal advancement and look for innovative ways to move ahead in a career or area of interest.
  • Adapters are similar to Experiences but do not have the explicit drive for personal advancement or exploration.
  • Most Provincials live in rural villages. They believe that having children and being financially responsible are important aspects of success.