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Venezuela VALS

Venezuela VALS segments adults in Venezuela into one of seven groups on the basis of primary motivations: Ideas, Status, and Action. The 2012 sample frame derives from 12 state capitals; over 8500 individuals between the ages of 18 and 64 are in the survey.

To learn more about using Venezuela VALS and its use, contact Jacobo Riquelme at Mercom Venezuela ().

Venezuela VALS Framework

Venezuela's Consumer Groups

  • Universales are motivated by ideas. They are curious, cosmopolitan, and well informed. As rational buyers, they look for quality, durability, and value for money spent.
  • Devotos are also motivated by ideas but are family focused and conservative. Many are homemakers devoted to a clean home and cooking for their family.
  • Acomodados are motivated by status. They are sophisticated consumers who influence others. Often attracted by the new and different, they seek experiences that reinforce and reward their feelings of leadership.
  • Status Quos are motivated by status. They are moderate in their opinions. They are concerned with appearances. They own items and brands that proclaim their success to others.
  • Esforzados are motivated by status. They are materialistic, ambitious, and the epitome of machista in Venezuelan culture. Their ambitions exceed their ability to realize their dreams of high status.
  • Intensos are motivated by action. They have high energy, are gregarious, and are socially networked. Always looking for new thrills, they are drawn to extreme sports, for example.
  • Simples do not have a primary motivation because they have little ability to change their lives—they are concerned about meeting basic needs. They are pragmatic and traditional, and they seek balance between energy and quietness.