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About Explorer

Explorer is Strategic Business Insights' (SBI's) unique evaluation of commercial opportunities arising from technology developments.

Explorer's structured process addresses the implications of change that enable our analysts and our clients to identify and understand how and why technologies will develop and see commercialization—realistically, without the hype so prevalent in today's technology focused environment.

Using Explorer, you will:

  • Receive global, objective, real-world analysis, not hype
  • Come up the learning curve fast in technology areas new to you
  • Understand the dynamics of issues changing the direction and rates of commercialization
  • Validate internal knowledge and challenge ideas
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Achieve and maintain competitive advantage.

How Do I Access the Explorer Service?

Clients access Explorer technology areas through an annual sponsorship of their technologies of choice. Prices per technology vary depending on the number of sponsored technologies, with substantial discounts available for multiple-technology sponsorships.

Your organization may already sponsor Explorer. Contact us today to see if you already have access or to inquire about a new sponsorship.