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Nigeria VALS

Nigeria VALS segments adults in Nigeria into one of nine consumer groups on the basis of primary motivations—Tradition, Achievement, and Self-Expression—and high/low status.

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Nigeria VALS Framework

Nigeria's Consumer Groups

  • Big-Man Cynics move to accumulate and preserve status and power and to realize personal ambition. They are unique in that they are less likely than the overall population to believe in traditional and approval-seeking attitudes.
  • Big-Man Principles adhere to communal values because they believe that these values promote their self-interest within the larger societal context.
  • Pacesetters are the trendiest members of Nigerian society; they are the "vanguard."
  • Traditionals show the strongest traditional ethos; they invest energy into enacting their traditional values.
  • Middle Class value a balanced and family-oriented life with strong anchors that create a predictable social reality.
  • Facilitators are adventuresome. They are willing to step up if they believe the status quo can operate more favorably on their behalf.
  • Quiet Achievers are competent women who balance personal achievement with family and community responsibilities.
  • Strivers are the youngest group in Nigerian society. They are striving for self-expression through a more cosmopolitan and exciting lifestyle.
  • Masses are an inherently conservative, follower group. They are practical and survival focused.