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How We Work With Clients

VALS™ is a consulting and consumer-research service.

Companies, organizations, and government agencies use VALS in custom marketing and new-product-development projects for targeting, positioning, and communications purposes.

Consumer surveys and focus groups inform our work.

  • The VALS survey is embedded into proprietary client surveys for consumer insights beyond demographics and attitudes.
  • Financial product and service information by VALS is available through a biennial macroeconomic survey of US households.
  • Data about other products and services by VALS may exist in GfK/MRI's biannual The Survey of the American Consumer.
  • The VALS survey is integrated into focus-group screeners to ensure that companies probe only target-consumers' attitudes.
  • VALS is in use to develop day-in-the-life stories for scenario planning and to foster consumer focus in opportunity-discovery projects.

To learn more about how you might use VALS to increase insights about your customers, contact us.

Fast Take about VALS

VALS is more than a lifestyle segmentation, because VALS examines the intersection of psychology, demographics, and lifestyles. VALS measures enduring differences between people that explain variations in the complexities of lifestyles.

The VALS Survey identifies respondents' VALS types—the type they are most like and the type they are second-most like. The survey consists of 35 psychological-attitude questions and 4 demographic questions.

VALS is a stable segmentation because each group's "personality" remains the same over time, even though group behaviors and lifestyles change as some products mature and new products and ideas diffuse in the market. VALS enables users to track and trend data reliably over time and across surveys.