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VALS™ Survey Help

  • "I'm trying to take the survey, but it isn't working."
    The online VALS Survey is optimized for Firefox 3.x or higher and Internet Explorer 6.x or higher. Java, Javascript, and cookies must be active. Please check your browser preferences to ensure that Java, Javascript, and cookies are active. AOL users: If you are not aware that these options have been set for your AOL Internet access, please contact AOL technical support for help.
  • "Cookies, Javascript, and Java are turned on, but I'm still having troubles taking the survey!"
    Try clearing your cache, restarting your browser, and then resubmitting the survey. If you have firewall software—such as Norton Personal Firewall—on your computer, you may need to turn it off before taking the survey. Other application firewalls or company firewalls may need adjustment to allow you to submit the survey.
  • "I filled out the survey, but I can't find my VALS type."
    Make sure you clicked "Submit" at the bottom of the survey. If you cannot see the submit button, you may be using an outdated browser version and may need to upgrade to a newer one. After submitting the survey, processing takes a few seconds and then you will be redirected to a web page that displays your primary and secondary VALS types. (We will not e-mail your results to you. We do not store your results by name and cannot send them to you.)

We welcome any questions, inquiries, or comments about VALS. Contact us.