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VALS™ Industry Report: Travel October 2007

About This Report

As autumn approaches, the 2007 peak travel season will soon end. It's an appropriate time for a closer look at the travel industry estimated by the U.S. Department of Commerce to represent $11.7 billion in real GDP.

The Travel Industry Association says that "Travel is part of the American psyche." U.S. domestic travel increased 12.6% to more than 1.9 billion person-trips from 1995 to 2005, the last year for which the association has publicly available information. A person-trip is one person traveling 50 miles (one way) or more away from home or overnight. Even with increasingly crowded highway and airport conditions and the rising cost of fuel, the Travel Industry Association forecasts that person-trips will surpass the 2 billion mark in 2007 and rise to almost 2.2 billion by 2010.

This report explores which VALS™ groups are traveling with what frequency, vacation activities, and travel attitudes.

Table of Contents

Innovators 4
General Travel Attitudes 4
Domestic Travel 4
Foreign Travel 6
Thinkers 8
General Travel Attitudes 8
Domestic Travel 9
Foreign Travel 10
Believers 11
General Travel Attitudes 11
Domestic Travel 11
Foreign Travel 12
Achievers 14
General Travel Attitudes 14
Domestic Travel 14
Foreign Travel 16
Strivers 17
General Travel Attitudes 17
Domestic Travel 17
Foreign Travel 18
Experiencers 20
General Vacation Attitudes 20
Domestic Travel 21
Foreign Travel 21
Makers 23
General Travel Attitudes 23
Domestic Travel 23
Foreign Travel 24
Survivors 25
General Travel Attitudes 25
Domestic Travel 26
Foreign Travel 26
Travel Trends 2
Reason for Most Recent Domestic Trip, by VALS™ Group 15
Domestic Travel: When (Any) Trip in Past 12 Months, by VALS™ Group 18
Strivers' Vacation Activities 19
Domestic Travel: Means of Transportation on Most Recent Trip, by VALS™ Group 24
Domestic Vacation Activities, by VALS™ Group 26
VALS™ Framework 1
Domestic and Foreign Travels, by VALS™ Group 3
Passports and Frequent-Flyer Membership, by VALS™ Group 6
Domestic Travel: Internet Site Used for Any Trip, by VALS™ Group 9
Domestic Travel: Miles Traveled from Home on Most Recent Trip, by VALS™ Group 12
Vacation Advice, by VALS™ Group 20
Recreational Vehicles 10
Traveling in Groups: Sharing versus Safety 25

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