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A VALS™ Perspective on the Environment December 2006

About This Report

The environmental community has had enormous success in generating support among a core constituency. Budgets have grown, and legal and outreach services set new records each year. However, a less appealing development is a continuing falloff in support for political and social action in many environmental causes. Indeed, many Americans have begun to think of environmentalists as extremists.

This view is a problem for the environmental movement as the world faces an environmental crisis. The most important ecological issue is global warming, yet without political support, environmental groups or governments will be unable to implement solutions. Attempts at outreach exist. Al Gore's movie, An Inconvenient Truth, raised the awareness of global warming among some Americans. But most Americans are far from engaged in finding solutions to environmental problems.

As more environmental issues-from pollution and disease to our national addiction to oil-affect more consumers, we close the year with a look at what the environment means to each of the VALS segments. Not surprisingly, each segment has its own perspective, its own level of understanding of the issues, and a variety of priorities about environmental issues. (Data in this report are from MediaMark Research Inc., 2006 doublebase.)

Table of Contents

Innovators and the Environment 2
Innovators at a Glance 4
Thinkers and the Environment 5
Thinkers at a Glance 7
Believers and the Environment 8
Believers at a Glance 10
Achievers and the Environment 11
Achievers at a Glance 13
Strivers and the Environment 14
Strivers at a Glance 16
Experiencers and the Environment 17
Experiencers at a Glance 19
Makers and the Environment 20
Makers at a Glance 22
Survivors and the Environment 23
Survivors at a Glance 25