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GeoVALS™: Connecting Motivations with Geography July 2006

About This Report

GeoVALS provides distributions of each of the eight VALS types for residential zip codes and block groups in the United States, including the states of Alaska and Hawaii.

This GeoVALS report highlights topline findings from analysis conducted by the VALS research director, Dr. Cheri Anderson. For example, comparisons between 1999 and 2004 data provide insights about the potential impact of migration on consumer markets. Comparisons of VALS distributions by geography such as Designated Market Areas (DMA) or Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) with the national VALS distribution point out potential marketing opportunities. These comparisons are also helpful in understanding why:

  • One region of the country has a different "flavor" than another.
  • Some markets are more progressive than others when adopting new consumer products or services.
  • Some markets are more accepting of changes in broader social issues.

Although GeoVALS data are most often in use to determine high-potential geography for direct mail and retail-site locations, GeoVALS can also be useful in determining the market potential for new or existing products and services. Read more about how we determine market potential in the Applications section of the report. And don't miss the sections Test Markets and Contrasting Markets by Motivation.

Please contact us if you are interested in more information about how you can apply GeoVALS to create more targeted results for your business.

Table of Contents

About GeoVALS™ 3
U.S. Census Regions and Divisions 5
States 10
Designated Market Areas 15
Test Markets 22
Metropolitan Statistical Areas 24
County 26
Contrasting Markets by Motivation 34
Migration: Comparison of Data 1999 and 2004 40
Applications 47
Methodology 51
Contact Us 53