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Generation Z appears likely to drive many societal changes—especially as the generation gains awareness of its influence. For example, Gen Zers appear highly motivated to vote, protest, and consider ethical factors in making life choices (for example, deciding which companies they will and will not work for). Some commentators believe that Gen Z will be the deciding factor in the 2024 US presidential election.

Although some Gen Zers appear to feel ignored and marginalized (many report high levels of psychological distress), Gen Z will likely shape politics, employment, and business for years to come. Whether current societal polarization and conflict will increase or decline as a result is uncertain.


Patterns are evaluated for their relevance to one or more of the following strategic planning areas: Infrastructure; Organization; Talent; Creation; and Marketing. This Pattern is most relevant to: Marketing; and is also relevant to: Talent.


Patterns are also evaluated to determine the recommended timing of any strategic actions being considered to address the developments. On a scale of Initiate (near-term actions), Monitor (medium-term actions), or Watch (long-term actions), the timing for this Pattern is: Initiate.

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