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Accurate climate predictions are an important tool to help government and corporate planners prepare for the growing risks of climate change. However, mainstream climate predictions such as those from government agencies are often too cautious and may be subject to political interference.

Investors are putting capital into climate-intelligence systems that use predictive analytics to help governments and companies better anticipate and prepare for extreme-weather events and avoid costly mistakes. Large financial firms, in particular, are rapidly buying up companies that offer climate-modeling services, but current climate models can differ significantly in the assumptions and methods they use to model climate risk. Inaccurate risk assessments could prove costly.


Patterns are evaluated for their relevance to one or more of the following strategic planning areas: Infrastructure; Organization; Talent; Creation; and Marketing. This Pattern is most relevant to: Creation; and is also relevant to: Infrastructure and Organization.


Patterns are also evaluated to determine the recommended timing of any strategic actions being considered to address the developments. On a scale of Initiate (near-term actions), Monitor (medium-term actions), or Watch (long-term actions), the timing for this Pattern is: Monitor.

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