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The Changing Nature of Retirement Mini-Presentation June 2019

"Retirement is a twentieth-century anachronism: It didn't exist in the nineteenth century, and it won't exist after the twenty-first century."
— Larry Cohen

Baby Boomers have redefined every Life Stage on their road to maturity. As record numbers of Boomers turn age 65 (retirement age), they are changing—and will continue to change—the nature of retirement. Because many are living and working longer, today's post-age-65 consumers—instead of becoming less engaged with financial services as retirees of the past did—are becoming more engaged. Today's retirees represent a continuing opportunity for financial-services and other providers.

Watch this mini-presentation by Larry Cohen, director of SBI's Consumer Financial Decisions and the MacroMonitor, to learn more about how Baby Boomers are changing retirement.

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