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Information Asset Partners

Transforming MacroMonitor intelligence into tactical marketing metrics

Information Asset Partners (IAP) is an analytic information-product–development company. Since 2003, IAP has used Consumer Financial Decision's (CFD's) MacroMonitor to develop Empirics, a tactical marketing solution that uses the survey's consumer financial behavior on:

  • Asset allocation
  • Recent financial purchases and investments
  • Intents to purchase and invest
  • Channel affinity and preferences.

Empirics is a predictive segmentation solution for financial-services marketers.

IAP Reports

CFD recently collaborated with IAP to develop executive reports that focus on the size and geographic location of target markets important to the financial-services industry. Grounded in MacroMonitor data, IAP's Empirics provides a tangible method to assess market potential.

More About Empirics

Empirics provides market metrics that represent the current consumer's financial behaviors across all channels and competitors. These universal and objective metrics can apply in:

Empirics transforms the MacroMonitor's national data into a series of highly defined independent metrics. MacroMonitor clients who use Empirics have the additional benefit of linking their strategic analyses, marketing tactics, and market metrics with the same, contemporaneous market intelligence.

Please visit IAP's Web site ( for further information about Empirics.

Please contact CFD for more information about how our collaboration with IAP can benefit your organization.