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Collaboration, in its many forms, plays a major role in bringing added value to our customers. From data collection to program deliverables and client-specific consulting work, we constantly reach out to our many partners to develop effective—and often innovative—ways to meet our customers' needs. Here are some examples of the ways our highly collaborative approach to our business pays off for our clients:

Integration of Experts from Multiple Disciplines

By engaging colleagues who are experts in the fields of market research, economics, sociology, psychology, technology, brand and advertising, marketing, strategic planning, and psychographic segmentation and analysis, CFD delivers data-based information and insight of the highest quality quickly and accurately.

Third-party Consultants

CFD welcomes and supports the participation of third-party consultants, large and small, who perform analysis on behalf of mutual clients. In the interest of accuracy and efficiency, it is often better for all concerned to have us navigate the data to fulfill data requirements for proprietary projects.

Appended Data from a Variety of Sources

CFD has long-standing relationships with several suppliers of geodemographic segmentations, flow-of-funds data, aggregated household-level data, and credit-bureau information. We routinely append data and information form sources such as Claritas, IXI, Acxiom, Transunion, Experian, and Equifax. Using the MacroMonitor's comprehensive household data in conjunction with segmentation like PrizmNE, P$ycle, Cohorts, Wealth Complete, and PersonicX allows your organization a deeper understanding of consumers' financial needs, behaviors, and attitudes—key elements for creating well-targeted and highly differentiated, products, messages, and campaigns.

Innovative Solutions

CFD maintains strong working relationships with a number of associations and vendors to keep abreast of industry developments and provide access to state-of-the-art solutions to a wide range of needs. Our partnership with Information Asset Partners (IAP) can put you in touch with sophisticated modeling tools and addressing solutions based on purchase propensity at the block-group level.

Industry Associations

CFD is active with various industry associations that seek objective content on behalf of their members. For example, in the past, we worked with the Retirement Income Industry Association (RIIA) and produced the RIIA Strategic Study Series: Retirement Needs of Americans—a research series that focused on the retirement needs of U.S. households. RIIA commissioned the CFD group of Strategic Business Insights (SBI) and Turner Consulting LLC to analyze the comprehensive household data in SBI's MacroMonitor, and incorporate the analysis in the special report series. Each report in the series presented one aspect of how prepared U.S. households are for their retirement years.