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2022–23 MacroMonitor: What Subscribers Receive

The MacroMonitor and deliverables are available through subscription. Consumer Financial Decisions offers a variety of publications and service options tailored to your organization's needs. Contact CFD today to become a sponsor.

Standard MacroMonitor Deliverables

  • Website: Password-protected subscriber landing page with access to current and past MacroMonitor standard deliverables (1998–2022).
  • Data: Complete data set in ASCII format (no respondent ID included). Data with syntax is available in SAS or SPSS for an additional charge.
  • Toplines: 2022–23 MacroMonitor questionnaire with data trended against 2020–21 data. Topline Reports are available for both standard and affluent samples. Available in PDF downloads from your client landing page (hard copy available upon request).
  • Crosstabulations: 2022–23 MacroMonitor data and calculated variables, crossed by: US Households, Age Cohorts, Socioeconomic Strata, and Life Stages. 2022–23 MacroMonitor Affluent data crossed by: Affluent Households, Affluent Segments, Core Customer Segments, and Millionaires. Available as PDF downloads and in Excel spreadsheets (hard copy and Excel files upon request).
  • Standard Graphic Analysis (SGA): PowerPoint slides charting results for the majority of 2022–23 MacroMonitor data. Decks available for: Generational Cohorts, Life Stage, Traditional Affluent, Affluent Core Customers, Millionaires, and Diversity Groups.
  • Trends Newsletter: Trended, timely topics in a brief think piece delivered to your inbox each month. Newsletters from 2007 to present are available in The Vault.
  • Stories: Context for the monthly Newsletter brings the population to life. Two Stories per are based on quantitative and qualitative MacroMonitor data with implications for financial institutions.
  • Cadmium Basic: Password-protected, web-based application enables subscribers to access MacroMonitor data directly to produce custom tables easily. Cadmium Basic includes a subset of MacroMonitor demographics, financial-product ownership behaviors, and attitudes, prebuilt variables such as balance-sheet data, age cohorts and Life-Stage segments.
  • The Vault: Historic documents and reference materials such as: Marketing reports, Products and Services Analysis Volumes, Executive Reports, Quick Stats, and Long-Term Financial-Industry Trends.
  • Responsive Customer Service: Contact CFD at any time with questions, to review findings, or to request custom analysis: 24-hour response time is typical.

Custom Deliverables Included with Subscription

  • Presentation of MacroMonitor Findings: One per subscription, with trends and implications. One-hour presentation online or at a location of the subscriber's choice (reasonable travel and expenses included). Contact us for topics and timing.
  • Custom Banner: One banner of up to 18 subscriber-specific populations cross-tabulated with 2022–23 MacroMonitor data: PDF or Excel files available electronically. A second Custom Banner can be exchanged for the Custom Graphic Analysis.
  • Custom Graphic Analysis (CGA): More than 700 PowerPoint slides showing the majority of 2022–23 MacroMonitor questions by up to six subscriber-defined populations. Results available electronically. Subscribers work with CFD to define custom populations. Subscribers receive one CGA as part of their subscription.
  • Consulting: Twenty hours are included per subscription. Time may be used for profiles, data runs, custom analysis, or trended data.

Optional Deliverables: Additional Charges Apply

  • Syntax: The complete data set (minus any identifying respondent information) in either SPSS or SAS labelled file formats. ($3,000)
  • Custom Top-Line: 2022–23 MacroMonitor question responses by subscriber-selected segments. Results available electronically in PDF; hard copy by request. ($10,000)
  • Custom Tabulations: Additional custom tabs, similar to those in standard deliverables. Results available in PDF or Excel format. ($3,000)
  • Custom Weighting: Subscriber-specified geographic area (such as footprint or metro area) to reweight MacroMonitor results with agreed-upon parameters. Custom Banner or Custom CGA deliverable with data set. ($5,000)
  • Additional CGA: More than 700 PowerPoint slides showing the majority of 2022–23 MacroMonitor data by up to six subscriber-defined populations. ($5,000)
  • Cadmium Premium: A password-protected, web-based application that enables subscribers to produce custom tables easily. The full database is accessible in Cadmium Premium. Prebuilt profiles, such as balance-sheet data and the subscriber's custom banners, can be added. Tables can be exported to Excel spreadsheets. (Annual fee: $5,000)
  • Custom Presentation: MacroMonitor presentation of findings, with trends and implications on a subscriber-selected topic. One-hour presentation online or at a location of the subscriber's choice (reasonable travel and expenses included). Allow extra time for Q&A. ($5,000)
  • Custom Workshop: A three-hour session with a short break includes: MacroMonitor findings, trends, and implications; interactive Q&A; and on-the-fly analysis to address questions as they arise. Workshop may be online, on-site, or at a location chosen by subscriber. Reasonable travel and expenses included. ($10,000)
  • Segmentation Workshop: Workshop begins with a presentation of ideas about how the MacroMonitor can be applied, followed by a Q&A session to determine which type of segmentation would work best. Workshop may be online, on-site, or at a location chosen by subscriber. Reasonable travel and expenses included. ($10,000)
  • Custom Oversamples: Contact us to discuss your custom oversample needs. Examples are: Asian Indian-headed households; households with an LGBTQ member; and Hispanic-headed households. Oversamples are available pending subscriber demand. Deliverables include Top-Line, CGA, Executive Summary, and data file. ($10,000)
  • Proprietary Questions: Subscribers may insert proprietary questions into the 2022–23 questionnaire. Proprietary data are released to your organization only. Price is dependent on question complexity. ($4,000–5,000)
  • Custom Segment Profile: Subscribers may request a custom analysis (on a topic of their choosing) similar to our monthly Stories. ($5,000–12,000)
  • Consulting: Additional hours, days, or weeks of consulting time with MacroMonitor personnel, available at a discounted rate. Consulting may be used for generating profiles, trend data, interpreting findings, or custom analyses. ($360/hour; $2,500/day [8 hours]; $10,000/week [40 hours])
  • Special Projects: SBI offers Strategic Planning, Scenarios, Opportunity Discovery, Ideation, and Consumer Diffusion. We can design additional analysis, appending, modeling, add-on interviews, recontact studies, and other types of projects to meet your needs. Collaborations with other organizations are also possible. Please contact us to discuss.

For answers to questions, more information, or to become a sponsor, please contact CFD.