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About the 2020–21 MacroMonitor

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When you have questions about consumers' financial decisions, we have fast, fact-based, and far-reaching answers.

For more than 40 years, the MacroMonitor has measured consumers' financial behaviors and attitudes. We were there when Baby Boomers first changed the marketplace, and we now watch as Millennials morph the marketplace again. We were there during every recession since 1978 and during every financial crisis in between. We were there measuring and recording how various consumer households cope.

For the majority of households, today's economy is more uncertain than ever. The choices that many households face are greater in number but more limited in scope because of a growing list of financial constraints. If they are not facing constraints, some households are facing the increasing pressure, and mounting uncertainty, of the global economy. Some degree of financial insecurity is present at every socioeconomic level.

Important questions about possible consumer reactions to a host of issues abound. Asking the right questions is important. Answers about consumers' financial decisions are critical.