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About the 2018–19 MacroMonitor

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2018 marks the 40-year anniversary of the MacroMonitor:

40 years: 1978-2018
  • 40 years of comprehensive marketplace measurement
  • 40 years of sizing populations and profiling their complete balance sheets and psychological underpinnings
  • 40 years of tracking traditional and new products as they develop and diffuse through the marketplace
  • 40 years of analyzing consumers' financial needs, goals, priorities, trade-offs—learning how people respond and react to various offers and market events and how they all interact and influence consumers' financial decisions

In 1978, a group of visionaries from major banks, brokerages, and insurers, anticipating the convergence of their industries, hired SRI International to conduct a comprehensive, independent study of their customers' and prospects' financial behaviors and attitudes to understand and compete in the coming marketplace better. The MacroMonitor was born.

Today, convergence is behind us. However, financial products and services remain essential tools for surviving and thriving in modern society. Accessibility and availability have become concentrated in a handful of behemoths, a smattering of midsize firms, and a host of small, specialized providers. New technologies and alternative providers may be on the verge of disrupting the marketplace. The competition for your customers' attention and business is intense. In this environment of hypercompetition, ubiquitous availability, and product commoditization, every provider needs a comprehensive map of the marketplace (context) to optimize strategy and tactics for any hope of a successful implementation.

The MacroMonitor is the only program with 40 years of this experience to help you survive today's challenges and to succeed in tomorrow's marketplace.