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About the 2012–13 MacroMonitor

Understanding consumer change is critical to your business. The MacroMonitor is essential because only the MacroMonitor provides a single integrated source of data about all households' financial needs, priorities, constraints, preferences, behaviors, and attitudes. In challenging and changing times, the CFD team is committed to providing tools for your organization's success.

The 2012–13 MacroMonitor began fielding in June 2012.

2012–13 MacroMonitor: What Do Clients Receive?


A national probability sample representing all US economic households. An oversample of affluent households ($100K or more in income or $500K or more in assets excluding the primary home) is included. Data are in ASCII format. Data include over 200 calculated variables such as Net Worth, Total Debt, Investable Assets, and Life Stages.

Data-Access Orientation

An online, interactive-training workshop to orient you and demonstrate how your organization accesses and uses data.

Standard Crosstabulations

Two comprehensive crosstabs (in Adobe PDF format) with responses to all survey questions. The standard banner includes age cohorts, socioeconomic strata, and life stages. The affluent banner includes millionaires, core customers (based on the institution where the household keeps most of its assets), and investment-focus segmentation.
Download a sample crosstab page

Standard Graphic Analysis (SGA)

Six sets of more than 600 PowerPoint slides with charts covering the majority of the survey's questions.
Download a sample SGA

Custom Crosstabulations

A comprehensive set of crosstabs (in Adobe PDF format) with responses to all survey questions. Subscribers specify a custom banner of up to 18 target populations. Significance testing is available.

Custom Graphic Analysis (CGA)

More than 600 custom PowerPoint slides with up to six user-specified populations: available electronically or in hard copy.

Top-Line Findings

Survey results in questionnaire format trended to the previous year's results.

Presentation of Findings

Onsite subscriber presentation of MacroMonitor findings: one standard executive and one custom presentation (one hour each; one per year).

Products and Services Report

Life Stage analysis of incidences and trends for specific financial products and services from the three most recent MacroMonitor surveys: available on request.

Marketing Reports

Periodic, concise reports each with a focus on economic-household populations of timely importance. We encourage subscribers to suggest report topics.

MacroMonitor Market Trends Newsletter

A monthly email newsletter of important financial trends in consumers' attitudes or behaviors.

Consulting Days

Two days (16 hours) of consulting that subscribers can use for quick analysis, interpretation of findings, crosstabs, graphics, or segmentation advice.

Subscriber Website

Subscribers have a password-protected website for use by their institution to access the majority of MacroMonitor's deliverables, such as the Top-Line volume, standard crosstabs, SGAs, marketing reports, mini-presentations, newsletters, and deliverables from prior MacroMonitor waves to which they subscribed.

Available at Additional Cost

  • Additional site license
  • Data CD with fully labeled, ready-to-run files with syntax in SPSS, SAS, and Quanvert
  • Additional custom crosstabulations
  • Additional sets of Custom Graphic Analysis
  • Prepaid consulting and service
  • Custom weighting
  • Half-day work sessions
  • Custom presentations and work sessions
  • Custom marketing report
  • Executive briefing
  • Segmentation workshop
  • Proprietary Recontact Omnibus
  • Customer oversample