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References and Resources

MacroMonitor subscribers sometimes have a need to find information quickly—for example, how a population was created, data-weighting procedures, or how to read a data table. In most instances, such information can be found in various documents already in your possession, or is available in downloadable files—such as the Data Documentation Volume—from the CFD website. References and Resources is a source for all pertinent information, and its organization allows quick and easy access.

  • Calculated Variables
    MacroMonitor data contain a number of calculated variables, such as net worth, liquid assets, transaction products, and balance-sheet assets and liabilities. Definitions of calculated variables provide an explanation of which data variables MacroMonitor uses.
  • CFD's MacroMonitor FAQ
    MacroMonitor FAQ provides answers to frequently asked questions such as, "How do organizations use MacroMonitor data?" and "What does the MacroMonitor measure?"
  • CFD and MacroMonitor History
  • Definitions
    MacroMonitor regularly creates populations of interest, or segments, to explore in depth. Age cohorts, asset classes, financial and investable asset groups, life stages, and revolving retired are examples of these populations. Definitions provide an explanation of which data variables MacroMonitor uses to generate each group or segment.
  • How to Read MacroMonitor Data Tables
    How to Read MacroMonitor Data Tables explains what the numbers mean using the MacroMonitor's standard banner as an example.
  • MacroMonitor Survey Methodology
    MacroMonitor survey methodology is your definitive source for information about questionnaire design and data collection.
  • MacroMonitor Questionnaire Design and Data Collection
  • MacroMonitor Survey Outline
  • MacroMonitor Survey Validation
    A comparison of the MacroMonitor with the Federal Reserve Board of Governors' Survey of Consumer Finances.
  • Cadmium User Guide
    Cadmium is a password-protected, web-based application for facilitating MacroMonitor data analysis.
  • Sampling Tolerance Tables
    MacroMonitor provides sampling tolerance tables to determine statistical significance for individual percentages at various confidence levels.
  • Survey-Weighting Procedures
    Learn the specifics about how MacroMonitor weights the MacroMonitor-respondent sample to all US households.