Millionaire Insights

Many organizations, in addition to sectors of the financial-services industry, focus exclusively on high-net-worth (HNW) households; a need exists for good information about this rarified market. To meet this need, founders Walter Klores and Jerry Gerber built the Millionaire Insights Panel—a group of millionaire households that are willing to be survey respondents. After two decades of successful operation, the founders have retired; the Millionaire Insights Panel is now part of Strategic Business Insights' Consumer Financial Decisions (CFD).

Organizations that need to know more about HNW households can query the panel about questions of particular importance such as the households' financial goals, provider preferences, level of finance-management involvement, product purchases, and lifestyles. The panel is composed of 1,400 HNW households with investable assets of $2 million or more; a respectable portion of the sample is households with assets of $25 million or more. Through CFD, access to the Millionaire Insights Panel is available for survey research by mail or online, for focus-group research, and for one-on-one interviews.

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